CoverA contemporary masterpiece, Outside Looking In, A Mother’s Story written by Napoleon’s Granddaughter, Cheryl Parker Jones, becomes the conscience for all women who feel that their secret struggles are their private pain.  She tells the story of a young, single African-American mother who discovers she's fighting against all odds to survive.  Readers can identify with Royal Paisley’s brave-hearted attempt to raise her two sons Allen and Chip in a loving and caring home in Birmingham, Alabama, in the early to mid-nineties.  With her pride intact and head held high, those around her would never know that she was just one step above poverty.  She also weathered a failed marriage and relationships that were dead-end; maybe not all of them were dead-ends.  Lawrence is a breath of fresh air, but Royal is too independent to realize it.

To Royal’s chagrin, begrudging neighbors Dot and Victoria scheme to inflict pain that will last a lifetime and cause scars that will never heal.   Just wait until you see what caper this mother/daughter tag team comes up with against Royal and her boys. 

Justice takes its time in Outside Looking In: A Mother’s Story and readers will be turning pages, anxiously waiting for the verdict that they know Allen deserves. Cheryl Parker Jones conveys the dedication of a mother’s heart through the character of Royal Paisley and proves that anything is possible. Even when faced with evil in the world, faith will pull the most doubtful person through.

Hundreds of readers have congratulated Cheryl on her freshman project of love, agony, and redemption.

You can never stand outside your neighbors’ house and tell what’s going on inside, we are all just spectators Outside Looking In




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Cheryl Parker Jones

Cheryl Parker Jones


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